3d Computer Program

A great scientist on his flying horse,
Orbiting in a very big elliptical orbit,
Once upon a time came very close,
To my insignificant too small orbit,
My small path he almost touched,
Remained for quiet some times,
In touch and in love as well,
Took samples of my soil,
Took samples of my air,
Took samples of my fire,
Took samples of my water,
And finally samples of my light.

He is a great artist,
Painted a picture of mine,
On a white canvas of love,
And when I delivered a child,
He took my child,
To a beautiful garden,
A garden of flowers,
And the fruits,
But my son was alone,
All praise to the cloning,
His mate was created.

My son tasted the pleasant fruit,
Pre-matured and before the time,
And they were sent back,
To me once again!
With pains and blood,
And undesired death!

And when ugliness blackened my face,
He sent his robots,
At my thoughtful soil,
The autumn was changed,
In a spring for some time,
His voice messages,
Were played on flutes,
In the bells that ring,
At dawn and dusk,
And in the loud human voices,
All the tunes inspire to love,
And paint the beauty,
Of the great scientist!

Now he is too far,
In a path out of reach,
The robots don't come,
But the loving scientist,
Expects from the two,
Now matured enough,
To keep my face,
Neat and clean,
Green and fertile,
And let evolution,
To travel on a path,
That leads to a land,
Where death is dead,
I am aware of success,
I am aware of failures,
I am a mother,
I know my children.
I am not pessimistic,
I am hopeful.

I wish I could present,
Pretty charming couple,
Before the scientist,
And see the two,
Rewarded a life,
Really immortal having no end,
Truly infinite!

I know it well,
He will come once again,
Very close to me,
To upgrade one day,
The three dimensional,
Computer Program!

Since then I have to pass,
A life with my children,
In the three dimensions,
The unavoidable propagations,
The hung complications,
And probable expectations!

I am happy with him,
And with her as well,
I know he'll come,
Once again one day,
With love and rewards,
The matter is of time,
I shall take a bath,
Of fire and light,
And as a virgin intact,
I shall smile as a bride!
I know it's a cycle,
Destruction and construction,
It will continue,
Till the new version of 3D software,
Is final for upload!

Wish my son would not have tasted,
The fruit pre-matured,
I wouldn't have seen,
This painful cycle,
But again I know,
It all happened,
In accordance of programing,
For finalizing by trial and error,
A program to run,
And to kill the time that has beginning and end,
And my son was constrained,
How nice was the fruit!
My child was innocent,
And he is still so.
My dear cute baby!

by Akhtar Jawad

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Outstanding. ... great one!! 10 on 10
A truly philosophic poem...........10 (Report)
Oh Sorry.... I didn't understand it well Akhtarji, may be it is rather long!
Beautiful Philosophical write. Poem itself is reflecting in many dimensions. Loved reading it.
A truly philosophic poem...........10
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