TS (May,17,1990 / Raleigh, Mississippi)

3i Love You3

When I think of you I get a feeling of happiness
What have I done so right to get this
Every day every minute you’re always on my mind
When I want to smile, your face is what I find
Deep in my mind, you wash the bad memories away
One day this favor you did for me I would like to repay
I pray every night for you to stay with me
I want you in my life so passionately
I have no regrets when I’m with you
Because I know for a fact that this love is true
I want to have a life together
Just me and you forever
I know I mess up sometimes
But you must remember their will always be the good and bad times
And here is my promise to you
My love to you will forever be true
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
That’s the way it should be now and for all time

by Teresa Sykes

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Love to me has two extremities. Either it'll make you REALLY happy, or when you've found out it was nothing but a lie and a waste of your time...REALLY depressed.