3infinity Bliss3

Poem By Kristin Nicole RothDavis

Here I am a week after our skin touched
Looking into space with such a stern stare
How in this world is one such as myself
Even capable of expressing how much I care
What we've been given is remarkably rare!

Erotic alarms arouse from deep within
Just with the touch of your skin
I'll never forget the first time our eyes finally met
Locked in my mind forever-set!

People all around us
Making a positive fuss
We're what everyone's searching for
Wondering when will they enter that door
Of Infinite Bliss...

Sounds odd I know,
Look into my eyes,
Grab my hand gently
And I'll proudly take you for a show
All those troubles will seem so far away
For I'm here to stay.

I'm not half the woman I use to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
I sense that time isn't in my favor
And I long to be something to savor!

I believe in Yesterday's
Even though we can't make them stay
I find myself lurking around for prey
Trying to latch on so that MY today
Will remain in someone's yesterday...

You and I have been connected
And all along my heart's been protected
Our souls intertwined
With all the other blessings combined
We are truly blessed
I'll never forget being sweetly carressed.

For a week, an angel rested his head on my pillow
Taking in every second I could
Being as onery as I should
While we held each other...
They wouldn't believe how much love
Brought to you from my own mother!

I often found myself go silent
Soaking in every ounce of perfect harmony
Reviewing the balance from above, within
Tears often caught the moment
Allowing all to see that this didn't just now begin...

Comments about 3infinity Bliss3

This is beautiful Kristin, a love so rare is shared. Thank you. Love and hugs to you and Blane.
Treasuring the moments of holding love, so wonderful Kristin. My heart is so happy for you and Blane!
Poetess K. & Sir Blane (hmmm, quite a royal ring to that) Superior Work, you Dynamic Duo of Verse.Sounds like everyone had a blast this past weekend. Luv this piece, guys...Stellar imaging & a smooth fluxion throughout..A real Gem! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''frank'fjr/(FRANKSTER)

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