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***3my Big Bro3***
TG (11-04-90 / new york)

***3my Big Bro3***

i miss my bro
as i think of him my anger begins to grow
i didnt want him to die
now all i do is cry

i think of the day he had to leave
and now i cant keep my head off my sleeve
i want to go home to my dad
cuz he is the only one that can keep me from being sad

i hate that my brother is gone
now i cant sleep until dawn
i want him to be here
so i wont have to shed another tear

i hate that this happened to him
now it seems like life begins to dim
i no longer want to cry
im just so depressed i want to die

i want to be with my brother again
just chillin with him up in heaven
i really hate that my brothers not here
cuz all i do is shed a tear

i never again want that guy who killed my brother to see the light of day
cuz he killed my best friend and made him go away
i want him to sit and rot
and i want him to be forgot

i hate that my brother left me alone
cuz now my heart has turned to stone
i just cant wait till the day i die
cuz until i see my brother again all i will do is cry

In Loving Memory Of Timothy James Gordon Jr.
06-17-1979 to 01-31-2009

a loving brother and the best friend i ever had

i will never forget you Tim and i cant wait until the day i get to see you in heaven... i miss you and i love you...you're the best older brother and the best friend i ever had.

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