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3rd June
DA (15-11-1991 / Newcastle Upon Tyne - England.)

3rd June

Poem By Daniel Adams

Never got over the initial shock,
One minute there, the family rock.
Next minute gone, no longer to live.
For that O Lord I wont forgive.

Taken to eternal rest,
By God's right side, reserved for the best.
Silence cut by heaven's sings,
For another angel got given their wings.

Over time we coped, got used to the pain.
But never again were our lives the same.
Waking up on that damned to hell day,
Wondering this time who it would take away.

Five years later he went too,
Totally dumbfounded I didn't know what to do.
I wandered around with my head all messed,
It's hardly any wonder I started feeling depressed.

A double whammy with that fateful day,
Hoping it would stop there, no more foul play.
But heavens word came once more to call,
Landed on that day when another man did fall.

Three people taken on that damned date.
Coincidence maybe? Or just plain fate?
I know for a fact, I'm telling you this,
I'll never stop loving the ones I do miss.

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Life does have a way of kicking ya when your down Daniel...and it suxs, but time keeps movin....Nicely written