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if i close my eyes when i kiss u its because i see u better with my 3rd
if i answer your questions b4 u ask me its because my spirit already heard
my love for you is the epitome of the word, putting cupids name to shame
us walking in peace everyday as if we were married under that name

so much inside of me begans and ends with your existance
you presence pulls me through to better furtures even through earths resistance
we are such a powerful force together, shifting the flow of oceans tides with each kiss
stoping and rewinding time just to catch that look in your eyes that i might have missed

beautiful u beautiful me, as divine as love should be
perfection rings in my ears at the sound of your voice
so much joy in my tears, ive made the perfect choice

so if you close your eyes when u kiss me i know its because u see me better with your 3rd
no need to question i love yous because my spirit already heard.

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