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TG (11-04-90 / new york)


yo i dont know what to do
life is so hard wid out u
im not doin notin but stressin
everythin bout life is so depressin
i need u to b here
so i wont have to shed anotha tear
i cant stand livin dis life
it feel like someones stabbin me in da back wid a knife
i feel like im part of one big gang
an all i think dat stupid is everythang
is just so hard
my hart feel like lard
you prolly no how i feel
everythin seem so unreal
i still cant balieve u B-in gone is true
an im always stressin wid out u

didicated to Timothy James Gordon Jr.
a lovin brother whom i will never forget

written in the way i always talked to my brothers

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