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I'll Stand By Your Side
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I'll Stand By Your Side

Poem By mayur jadhav

The way you steal my every thought
And center it on you;
Betrays the humble pretense
Of the girl I thought I knew.
With golden hair and emerald eyes
With skin as white as snow;
Your beauty’s only heightened
By the kindness that you show.
But in your gracious kindness
And the winning smiles you share;
I’ve seen the hidden demons
And the weight you have to bear.
The failure that you hide
Behind the way you’re always right;
And silent tears of loneliness
That you keep out of sight.
I’ve asked myself so many times
What I could do for you;
How I could stop the silent tears
And make your smile be true.
Or even how to make you laugh
Without it being forced;
To make you laugh from happiness
With all your pain divorced.
But somehow I don’t think I’m meant
To take your pain away;
Nor am I truly worthy
Of the love you give each day.
In fact I feel I’m stealing
What a greater man should know;
I’m hoarding all my happiness
Afraid to let you go.
Someday you’ll laugh and smile
In the arms of someone new;
And maybe if I’m lucky
I’ll forget my failure, too.

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hi this is an awesome poem! =) was wondering what the title meant though.