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4.47 Am
KH (27.09.1983 / )

4.47 Am

You see.
I reflect on your note,
you composed a while ago.
I tuck it back inside its box
under my bed
where it belongs
and I sit and think.

As before the wine clouds my mind.
I saw you I'm sure
through the haze.
You touched me
through the stories you told
of the person you wanted
to be.
And they reached the soul that I was sure I had.

Now it matters
little beyond
Now that I realise
I am no longer wise beyond my years
which are few.
And neither are you.
Or so I am told.

I know this is true,
I can sit in the dark
and impose the early hours on
the girl I am,
and try,
try to compose
the end.

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Comments (2)

That's more like it hun. Raw, honest and with a touch of Old Charlie Boy. Great work.
rough - i like your stretch of idea. here, with the letter as the subject & the evolving woman behind it. keep on SusxGLx