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4: 49 Hymn
AK (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

4: 49 Hymn

Poem By Aldo Kraas

at 4: 49 I walk in the streets of home
And it is very quiet outside
But it still dark outside at that time
And I don't find any other soul walking outside execpt me
So I take a trip to Metro to buy my breakfast
And then I buy two cups of coffee and I drink them
So that I can start my day right away
But to be honest with you I am happy because I already started a new day
That I am looking forward too
And nothing is going to bring me down
Because I will cheer myself today
And be happy to be alive once more today

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I love this poem! Just a simple everyday write on being happy to have awoken to live another day of our life. I also love that sense of solitude and peace you feel when you awaken before most of the world. A perfect title Mr. Kraas has given to this little gem!