Met you in Genetics, learned about the X's and Y's
My heart would start to beat everytime you walked by
I felt that only around you I would truly start to live
I felt like I had something that I really needed to give
Then that one fateful day, I became your Facebook friend
I gave you my number to keep, not just to lend
We went to a coffee shop, We worked on math
But I didnt get anything done between our talking and laughs
I never ever felt this way in the past
I hope it'll last, Our time is fading fast..

4.5 seconds is all it took for you to make my day
my week
my year
You held my hand and I had no fear
4.5 seconds felt like a lifetime
But I want it to last even longer So i can hold on to my lifeline
In 4.5 seconds, I live my life through
I saw the future, It held me and you
So give me more of your time
Atleast a half second longer
Because 5 seconds rolls off the tongue easier that 4.5

by Jason Murak

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