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4 In The Mornin'

I wanna stay up

Till 4 in the mornin'

Just to keep hearin' your voice

Can you remember those early mornings

We would stay up

Just as long as we could

Just to text

Even the simplest words

We heard from each other

Kept our hearts racing

Those days have seemed to have pass

Yet for me they haven't

It's been weeks

Since we last saw each other

To me its been a lifetime and more

I can't hide the truth

I love you and miss you

No one understands what I saw in you

I just want you to say

That you love me at least just a little

I'm missing your voice

And the way you held me

Like you never wanted me to leave

Baby I hope you know

No one can ever replace

This thing we had

Cuz babe,

It was out of this world

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I recommend this. It appears to be a message of some kind. It was very well written and I thought its best qualities were clarity and depth of meaning. GW62