She was there to hold you from the beginning
She loved you and
She moulded you
Into who you are.
She shared her warmth
And made you warm.
She let you be courageous to be yourself
But always reminded you
Where you came from.
She held your hand through
All your tears
She encouraged you when
Others wouldn’t
She believed in you
When you could see no future
She made the bad times bearable
She was there for good times
She shared in your laughter.
She held you near
And never let you go.
She never gave up hope
She always loved you
Always believed in you.
She gave up a lot to be there
To be your mum
To be your shadow
Through life
She will always have
Her arms around you
As you walk through life
She will always be by your side.

by wandering star

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10 for these 4 beautiful lines.
Great thoughts here, put in very concisely. arya
Nice comment about life....
very true and perfect description of life....