4 Miles For Dawn...

On the calm waters at a distant far,
With oars settled I sit apart;
Carrying a feeling that’s 4 miles long,
Wrapped in a single syllable we call LOVE.

A feel that contain faces of both bright & dull,
A feel that can fetch tears while u chuckle;
This fell arrives when u drown on someone’s beats,
You impound to stop, but somewhere something resists;

A feel that speaks no words yet overheard,
The one that won’t let u abandon tears;
A feel that always have a story behind,
With each of different kind;

The feel that made my oars proceed,
The very same feel that made my heart bleed;
In fiction & for the feel, life reaps to move,
I lay my life on the oars made in memories of u;

The boat moves unknown to sail or drown,
Yet marching down the stream towards sky so brown;
Dispersed in sun a tear gives its life,
At least to get the glimpse of ur sight;
Holding on imperial storms that kill me alive,
4 miles for dawn for which I survive…

by Arun Achudh

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