*4* My Love Wont Say Goodbye.

Poem By Shelley L Baxter

I'll dream of you tonight as you have said you do.
We will hold each other tight Until the day is new.
When the dawn begins to break...I'll cradle you no more,
imagined kisses on my neck, My heart will no longer soar.

My eyes will squint into the light; my ears will reject the drone-
of a radio out of sight ~ I'll review my dreams alone.
For it was only moments ago that my dreams had kept me warm,
with night now only lingering....In my head they'll do no harm.

If they could see into our dreams, they would not be so glad.
Although harmless, our relations would make them sad.
We did not try to fall in Love, Love just reared its head one day...
Love came to life, fit like a glove, now it's here to stay.

I'll hold you there inside my heart and mind until the day I die,
Your loves so grand, makes me feel great so much so that I sigh.
There is nothing left to say except on my Love you can rely...
on the words that we will never speak, still my love won't say goodbye.

Written December 17th 2004.

Comments about *4* My Love Wont Say Goodbye.

Nicely written poem Shelley! Very descriptive and very touching. I hate it when I have a nice dream and suddenly my alarm rings and I'm left with nothing but its memory. I hope your dreams come true. Take care. -Michael
Ah! Touched my heart.Beautiful expression of your feelings. Ashish.

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