4 Stages- - (Love)

Poem By Neela Nath Das

Your presence
is an experience
of rare love I ever
My sorrows evaporate,
I feel no more sad.

In your absence
the aura encompasses
me with care,
with none I wanna
I'll die soon,
my soul will
wait for you
there(?) .

How are you
without me?
Not well,
I can distinctly
I am searching
you on land
in sea,
In the sky,
along the lea.
In desert the
cool breeze
which soothes your
blistered body,
it's me!

You are not in my
life, another
butterfly has
hijacked you
from me- - - - -
go be happy
and your face
I don't want
to see.

Comments about 4 Stages- - (Love)

The poem unfolds a variety of sentiments through different stages of a protagonist's love life and all of them have been portrayed quite diligently- simple and succinct. Thanks, Neela ji, for sharing such an amazing poem.
: -) . a smile, i have. smile in worth and worst. and love... love lives in life-full heart. may the Heart beats, and beats...
Lovely poem touching indeed...life has to move on... Please do write some comments for my poems too...
a lost love is difficult to endure, but tomorrow will come, and it will be better.
10's for Hari Smith Holms, you son of a gun!

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