4 U

4 U I'd climb the biggest mountain,
4 U I'd swim the deepest sea.
4 U I'd pick the prettiest flower,
4 U I'd chop the tallest tree.

4 U I'd paint the greatest painting,
4 U I'd surf the biggest wave.
4 U I'd be a doctor,
And there'd be no patient I Couldn't save.

4 U I'd write the nicest poem,
4 U I'd sing the sweetest song.
4 U I'd be a psychic,
And my predictions would never be wrong.

4 U I'd give my heart,
If yours was of no use.
4 U I'd give it galdly,
And would't be refused.

4 U I'd breath my last breath,
4 U I'd never waste.
4 U I'd do anything,
Anything 4 your sake.

by Sam Price

Comments (2)

Lovely! ! ! ! I enjoyed reading this poem....keep the good work.
A great poem, Sam! 9 from me Aram