Poem Hunter
#4 (War)
AP (21-03-1990 / jakarta)

#4 (War)

The big boys shouted, 'Man your arms! ! '
for their silly little game, ,
and the children ran to the battlefield,
to satisfy their hunger..
of blood
of money
of fame

the children shoots, the children jumps
a complete chaos created by the boys and being played by little childrens..
one by one, the children fell
fell for honor
fell for duty
fell for nothing

and finally the big boys found a new toy
while millions of childrens have gone,
they smiled and prepared the Giant Mushroom
they laughed as they shout, 'Fire in the hole! '

a whistle was heard
a whistle of death
a whistle of sorrow

and it grows, The Mushroom grew as tall as the skies

bodies melted
towns destroyed
another million children died for nothing

and the big boys got all their blood money and fame
and all good children go to heaven

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Comments (2)

i agree this is a powerful write, if only adults could see what you see, be more like you, keep writing aldamayo, hopefully your writings can help to make people see whats going on....
powerful write...i enjoyed it...thank you.