AS (Sep.20.1989 / Oakland, California)

4 Yrs. And Something Better

Slowly into the night you come here to me
You see the happy look on my face and you come and sit with me
You tell me you love me and all I can say is okay
You look at me and say should I go away
I say no I was going to say I love you but it feels rather strange
-and I dont want to bring myself back to this pain
you tell me i'm okay as long as im in your arms
-and that you would always be there to fight away my storms

3 yrs now and you're no longer here
how could the one I loved betray my heart so dear
You told me all those things and left me for the next girl that walked past you
-but it doesnt matter beacause i had you
The only thing that bothers me is you left me deserted
One and only shame on you who ends up beshrewed
- and I only sit up on certain days and think about you

1 yr. later im feeling better now
-and I have a man that i am so proud of
we have a life that is perfect
he cares about me and my feelings hell never hurt them
so im glad that you left me three years ago
or i would of never have found the one who loves my heart below

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Good job. I like the way you layered it. j