.40) The Lottery Wizard

The guy in front of me at 7-Eleven
takes forever to make up his mind,
savoring the power in his finger
as he points it like a dowser
at the colored cards
he hopes are lucky today:
Scratchers, Fantasy 5, Daily Derby—
and don''t forget the Power Ball.
He nonchalantly pulls a thick
wad of bills from his pocket,
takes off the clip,
and like a card shark
finesses several
off the top onto the counter,
peons doing his bidding,
as he tries to make
the moment last.

by Max Reif

Comments (9)

Beautifully constructed analysis of weakness masquerading as power.
Too many cooks! It was better before!
At first I thought this should end with 'diet coke, ' but then I realized the remark about illusion of power applies equally as well to the person waiting to get his 'diet' coke. Aside from that, this reads as, and might as well be, prose. I think there's a conflict in this situation between greed and pathos that could be explored more effectively. You might want to start with the diet coke sentence and go from there.
I like poems in which the poet isn't there very much - the air seems sp much clearer. That's some pitchfork you left in the guy in the last couple of lines!
Liked this Max. An interesting take on a common occurrence. -chuck
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