The Path Of Life

The Path Of Life

Preordained perhaps,
Self-determined maybe,
Fate playing it's part,
Luck running your way,
Following God's path,
Following your own path,
Following your families path,
Following where others have trod the path,
How much is our free will,
How much are we led,
How much is self-determined,
How much do we compromise our path,
Walking wearily on the path,
Blistered and battered on the path,
Tired and lost on the path,
Life is hard if the path is righteous,
Struggling to see your way on the path,
Crossroads and junctions to cast you off the right path,
Friends and family lost along the path,
Now the path is at it's end and the journey complete.

By Christopher Tye

by Christopher Tye

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Beautifully constructed analysis of weakness masquerading as power.
Too many cooks! It was better before!
At first I thought this should end with 'diet coke, ' but then I realized the remark about illusion of power applies equally as well to the person waiting to get his 'diet' coke. Aside from that, this reads as, and might as well be, prose. I think there's a conflict in this situation between greed and pathos that could be explored more effectively. You might want to start with the diet coke sentence and go from there.
I like poems in which the poet isn't there very much - the air seems sp much clearer. That's some pitchfork you left in the guy in the last couple of lines!
Liked this Max. An interesting take on a common occurrence. -chuck
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