402 ~ Incalculable

Poem By stan pelfrey

How often did we talk and speak of our fears?
How often did we quote poets to speak above our peers?
How often did we flirt, hinting a secret wish
for our lips to meet unbridled in our first kiss?

So often, the time had come due,
that we knew, “It had to be you.”

How many nights have we stayed up and welcomed home the Sun?
How many times have we held hands while the engine runs?
How many lyrics have we sung as we’ve driven down the road?
How many messages are contained in our unspoken code?

There are so many, it’s hard to count,
that’s why in you I have no doubt.

How much time have we spent watching movies we call our own?
How much soil have we lain on the seeds we’ve sown?
How much more can our love grow, now we know our son,
who has brought so much light and a bright outlook for things to come?

So much there’s no way to add it up,
it’s innumerable, it’s immeasurable, it’s incalculable.

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