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40th-Year-Reunion Tears.... [fiction; Misunderstandings? ; Short Enough; Humor? ]
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

40th-Year-Reunion Tears.... [fiction; Misunderstandings? ; Short Enough; Humor? ]

My reunion tears fell not, , , , , , till I was out the door,
when the bartender called 'STOP! ' I said 'what for? '.
She said here's your total; it was NOT an 'open bar'!
I tried to get away in a hurry, but I didn't get very far.

I hopped in my Jag, but a lot attendant blocked me.
He said 'STOP! Did you think parking here is free? '
I opened my window and quickly tossed him fifty.
He said 'Gee, thanks, sir. And I think your car is nifty.'

So I 'dodged one bullet', but the bartender was quick.
She caught up to me and banged on my car with a stick.
Now I was pissed, but I'd attracted many onlookers,
some were classmates and some neighborhood hookers.

I screamed at the bartender but she screamed right back.
'It's 50 for your drinks and 20.... for your fancy bar snack! '
Now some classmates approached. They said 'calm down Bri.
Don't tangle with HER! Last reunion she punched Bill in his eye!

So i said 'thanks guys', and I tossed her a 'Ben Franklin', and fled.
She backed off and I peeled out, and there's no more to be said.

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Comments (3)

Ha.... ha! What a joke! You are ever a mischief maker Bri! Though it might not have happened in real life, you can rehearse or enact such scenes mentally and give vent to them in words..(verse) ! I visualize the scene with the crass and coarse bartender and an inebriated Bri looking down in shame or looking up like a hero, surrounded by his classmates, standing aghast in wonder! Quite interesting and hilarious!
O wow...this sounds just like a reunion I once had. Same scenario, with the key difference being I could never afford the jag. I really enjoyed, and related to, this poem.
thanks for the write on your reunion Bri we too get drunk but there were no black eyes it matters not as long as you have fun and all gets home safely when it is done thanks Bri