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412b The Hand That Feeds You.
DG (9/19/1963 / )

412b The Hand That Feeds You.


HUSH, some one s coming up the steps.
hes a wolf, a demon, a nut job, better clean
my room, before this beast shows its real
teath, or face.
HUSH, we can do this, just shut my eyes,
and pretend that JESUS is holding my
hand, mean while, i feel no pain, just the
same stuff, differnt day.
HUSH, hes about to open your door, so
put on a brave face, and when its over,
put a bullet in his f g head.
HUSH, it was only a dream, , , , , ,

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Strong poem, Intense. I wonder what you are thinking when your write with such intensity. Unique different, Take care.