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Set The Food Of My Love
AK (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

Set The Food Of My Love

Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

42 years of life you have given me Lord
I am grateful for
The gift of life
That is so precious to me
My tolerance and respect is built around people
On understanding and empathy
There is another world for me to embrace
I always question what are they saying
I can do so many things
I need to have a desire to do it Lord
It doesn't matter where I came from
The ability to triumph begins with me always
I like to say that risks always pays of
I learn what to do or not to do
I see your face in me
I talk to children about your love
They get interested
42 years of life that I am living
Here in this land
I show in the way that I want you to take me in your life
I want to show the world that I live and breathe
I know about your love and grace
Lord have mercy on me
Lord I can't remember all the words that you have spoken
I had my days at the sea
I had many years in the wilderness
To turn back and find you Lord
I am a sinner just like a criminal
I am kissing you Lord and I am eager to deceive you
42 years of life came so fast
I had no time to enjoy it
I cry father forgive me
You said, I already did my child
I am the guilty man that hangs by your side
My shame is dying with your sacrifice
And all my fears came crashing down when I looked in your eyes
Are you listening to anything that I am saying Lord?
Because I am praying Lord
How many prayers can I say Lord?
Maybe the Lord will show up at my door today
Only the Lord knows what I am going through
I am not angry at you for asking
Give me hope
God I been waiting all this morning just to wake up
Next to you holding me
Lord I missed you like crazy
I am not the one who holds my pain inside
I am hiding my smile
I closed my eyes and looked myself away
The Lord is telling me
Child you have nothing to hide
The love of the Lord endures
I surrender
All my pressures
All my frustrations
All my anger
Gotta serve somebody
And there is no one better for me to serve than the Lord
Will I be healed some day?
You move me away from isolation Lord
I am making a potion that will cure my depression for once
Open my eyes
Loving and compassionate Lord
That I may be hold you
Walking beside me in my sorrow
42 years of life
Here I am after all
I been born 42 years ago
And I have all the reason to thank you Lord for being a part of my life
For 42 years
Deep down I know that I can set things straight in my life
Lord I remember when you kissed me before a thousand times
When love was truly right
There is a nice warm and cozy bed in the sky
Where I sleep
Every step I took on earth retreated
Lord is here and nothing can harm me
So all I ask you Lord is that you love me
Lord's world will warm me and calm me
The Lord will guide me
Lord please say you love me every time I am awake
Lord don't leave me in all this pain
Lord please don't leave me out in the rain
I am so happy that I have that cozy bed in the sky where I sleep
Bring back the nights
Please Lord dry up my tears
In my hands I am holding the bible
Your words are written in it
There is a constant change in my life
Heaven knows I done no wrong
I have to make it through this life some how
One day at a time
I see no bed of roses here in the sky
We share our love with each other Lord
Lord I want to be forever young
Don't treat me like a child
Never let my hand go
I trust you Lord
Let the others take the easy way
I take the hard one because there is no choice for me
Lord I know the meaning of love
Lord show the world that there is hope for me

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Although there are many wonderful lines in this lengthy write my very favorite is The ability to triumph begins with me always. How perfectly beautiful is that one line that says so very much?