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ღ *ღ Looking For Meaning *ღ * ღ * **

Poem By LeNiTa t.f

The unreasonable silence of the world
made me think about the significance
of life and the death...
My mind wandered and i met Sartre
and Heidegger along the way.
Sartre called me and told me he
had something to say...
We went to a café and comfortably he
talked about the meaning of death...
He said: ..well...you know...death
deprives us from giving meaning
to life...see the absurd? So Dear...
life is senseless because its sense
is determined from outside...

i couldn't hide my feelings and
my despair...Sartre held my hand
and symphatetically said: i understand...
i understand...

We kissed goodbye and i got lost
but i met Heidegger...he hugged
me and said: c'mon...look...in my
opinion the way we live makes all
the difference...death gives meaning
to life...

i looked at him a bit astonished
then i understood...life is what
we have now and it acquires meaning
if we give meaning to it...if we don't,
it is absurd, only absurd...

In silence i looked back and analized
so many things that had shaped my life.
I understood that i have to keep going
forward otherwise i would be just a
shadow of me...

Things are only meaningful if we give meaning
to them...

Lenita T.F ღ * ღ * **

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