44 Year Old Wake Up

Poem By Sandra Osborne

Woke up this morning, with some more new pains
Getting old really sucks; I hurt when it rains.
You won’t hear me say, “Wow, THAT pain is gone! ”
But always just, “Hey, why does THAT now hurt? ”

I go off to bed hugging the heating pad,
Then hobble up the stairs and fall into bed,
Can’t lay on my side, can’t lay on my back,
Can’t get straight up right out of the sack.

Not eight straight hours in over ten years,
What with having to pee and pain in my head
And no rest in my dreams, always bending down,
Always running and jumping and smelling the flowers.

Comments about 44 Year Old Wake Up

hey my dear dear friend. I miss you so much. Where have you been hiding? I know it was a tough time for you but thats what friends are for. To share and have them support you. Please keep in touch. Hug Hug Hug.
My friend, , , if you think this is bad...........then.......just you wait! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Vitamins, work out get that adrenaline going....lol...Know the feeling But I divorced him...lol Thanks for the enjoyable read!
Sandra, I'll have you know women twix 40 and 50 are at their physical and sexual best, unless of something unforeseen. I don't believe for a moment you're anything less than my description - and that's coming from a chap almost three quarter of a century young. Love your writing, Warmly, Jerry
Hi Sandra my dear good friend...yep...I hear ya...perhaps you will have a chance to read a piece I have posted here called 'life begins at fifty'...I wrote this about four years ago, or so...please let me know what you think...but as for this poem...right on, Sandra...right on...excellent... Just me, Lare

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