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(492) Triumph Of The Only True 'King'

The Devil visited the Lord and said,
here I’am Lord, I come to visit,
to share a sip of wine, shall we say,
I don’t want to gloat and
definitely don’t want to pray, however,
there are a few words, I would like to say.

Once, I was yours, I’m sure you
recall, you threw me from
the heavens, a truly great fall.
There I will stay to create my own
worth, loyal followers will come to me
from upon this earth. I have become
powerful now you see, after all, you
created me.

Oh, Lord, lest not I forget, I have
a gift, just for you. Someone that
thought she would remain true, oh
so true, yes, true to you. I took her
Jehovah and tucked her safely away.
You might say, I come bearing gifts
on this miraculous day.

Oh yes, a beautiful little trinket, and
who would ever think it. It rested
upon the shoulder of a former follower
of yours, who fell from your precious
heaven, right into my coven. I stripped
away his heavenly charms. He’ll follow
me now and help me build my arms.

Ah, the children of the Lord they say,
how very smart they are, but only if
they knew, that I Satan, have you beat
by far. I’ll wave a chosen wand and
show them all the fun, the gambling,
drinking, drugs and sex and then they’re
on the run. I have the tools to tighten
the clasp and this I’m very sure. A day
will never come to past where they
would grace your door.

They’re there just for the taking, I know
how to turn them around. A quiet little
nudge, a pretence of caring, a show of
the green, a hike of a skirt, a part of red
lips, a look of supple hips. I know how
to turn them around. A win at the slots,
a taste of new weed, just plant that seed, a
taste of the fragrance, you know what I
mean. I know how to turn them around,
a visit from wild old friends, a cat house
treat, with bare naked ladies standing in
the streets, I know how to turn them
around. Oh yes, I know what they love
best. Aha, can you beat that Lord.

The Lord does not reply.

My following grows bigger and bigger
every day, take a look at the casino and
watch them play.. I’ve got them where it
hurts, just watch those dumb little jerks.
They’ll play and play, until the dawn,
then beg of me to carry them on. A deal
I’ll put to them of course. They’ll live
with me and feel the force. Never to be
recognized again, they’ll cheat and steal
and deceive family and friends. I’m
winning, yes indeed, I give them what
they need Jehovah. I give them what
they need. Can you beat that Lord.

The Lord does not reply.

By the way Lord, the gift I mentioned earlier,
concealed under this white cape, is a
beautiful birdcage with your precious
Angel in it. What do you say now Lord,
a loyal follower of yours is a prize
possession of mine, now. Aha, what do
you say now Lord. I’am more powerful
wouldn’t you say. I’m standing here
with your wee angel on display. Make
me a deal Lord, make me a deal and I’ll
give her back. What would I want
with someone so foolishly true, oh yes,
true to you.

The Lord did not reply.

The earth began to tremble, the birdcage
hurled through the air, suddenly an angel
was saintly flying there. She circled and
circled into the wee hours of morn.
Satan stood by in disbelief and looked unto
the Lord. He turned his back and walked
away, surely he will be seen again some-

The Lord triumphs once again, we know he
always will. Don’t be afraid to speak his
Name and act upon his will.. Give
Him the glory he so deserves. God is the
soverign of the universe and the creator
of all. Fall on your knees and pray,
Father will you invite me to spend an ever-
lasting life with you some precious day.

The Lord does not have to speak. His
actions show great force. Build a
relationship with God and take your final
Written: Aug.6/2006

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Very well scripted, Melvina Even I, a non-religionist, was impressed by the story. I am also a casino-goer It can be very exciting and good fellowship can be found there. Avarice is not the only reason to go. Also I am a caricaturist and the dealers are anxious to be included in the caricatures on the walls. An 85 year old character, I say I only go to raise the integrity level. My daughter also loves this form of entertainment.
Epic Melvina. A superb write, and a wonderful story. A real pleasure to read. Loved it lots. Love Ernestine XXX