(494) Tormented

Glazed were the eyes of red sorrow.
Oozed up in the cherry rain.
Lived a red man from the hollow,
stiffened in much pain.

Shot down by that of higher regard.
Not to stand upright ever again.
Laid tormented in much juice of the damned.
Cast out by a nasty spell, cursed the heart to
rip and swell.

Skin torched and burnt in charcoal dust.
Lips swollen, and cut to bits.
The look of leather, rested upon his face.
Reaching upward to take a twig, a stick or a switch.
Strength needed was nowhere to be found,
So dropped that hand of nothing, and fell straight to
the ground.

Attempt after attempt he mustered.
People stood by and watched in disgust.
He rolled and turned, burying himself deeper in
dirt and mud.
Passers by shook their heads, gazing with looks
of dread.
Falling backwards, giving up, he laid, finally he
was dead.

Written: July 19/2006

by Melvina Germain

Comments (5)

Not a fragile poem! ! ! But one of a tremendously great Truth! ! ! ! I could not have stood there, shaking my head. Beauty of the images, yet burned to the eyes of the reader...and their heart. Who wouldn't want to read this poem? Great and great again! ! ! xxElysabeth
Thanks for sharing this one with me. I hung on every word and loved them all. Really a great poem. Your friend always -David
I like this very much. I have seen a similar event. Does one help and does one run. Very good imagery after a superb opening....'glazed' and 'oozed'. As anyone else evr used these words as you did? ....B
such wonderful lines with profound images and amazing flow well done, , blessings to you and yours..Cecil
Wow. Tremendous, Melvina. 'much juice of the damned'. Exceedingly, wow. -Tailor.