CT (March,20,1995 / Portland, Oregon)

4th Of July Love

Lights, sparks, and array of colors
shower the night sky, as i lay here,
gazing up, amazed by how much
can be, in so little, someone like
I, someone who is so small, yet
contains an infinite love toward the
girl in my arms, as we lay in damp grass
illuminated by vague lights, i sit,
i stare, i love, with each kiss my own fire
stirs inside, my body trembling with heat,
the only kind of heat i feel, when i
am in love, stirring, whipped with
excitement, my dully lit my mind is as
bright as the nights sky, little worries
vanish, along with ash, my ears prick
to the sound of ' i love you', at a days
end, arms last embrace, i bid adeu,
till next we meet, i love you. and so dies
the illuminated light.

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Comments (4)

This poem is spectacular in its imagery and nuance of a lover's heart! Powerful writing young man! Keep up the good work! :)
Very nice! i could feel the emotions behind it.
Strong sentiments my friend!
Oh my gosh baby sooo good! :) That night was so magical hehe