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4th Of July
RG (1975-? ? ? ? / Flint Michigan)

4th Of July

Poem By Ray Gasiewicz

Its the 4th of July
I guess I should go celebrate
But instead of being filled with happiness
My mind is consumed with HATE

I guess thats what happens
When you have a life like mine
You try to do the happy things
But no happiness can you find

I see the fireworks
Going off high up in the air
But to tell you the truth
I sincerely just don't care

All the families are together
With the blankets on top the grass
I have a message for you all
You all can kiss my ass!

For I had a family once
But that is since long gone
For some reason it didn't last
I must have done something wrong

So the next time that you want to ask
Why are you so blue
Remember every time I hear those words
It makes me want to kill you

So its the 4th Of July
For it to be over I just can't wait
Just another stupid holiday
When your mind is consumed with HATE! !

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Comments (3)

Welcome Ray. Your poem immediately reminded me of the old Kraut saying 'Food is always hotter cooked than eaten', if you get my drift. I see the family signature in very small traces in your writing. I f you don't mind my saying so, a bit rough around the edges, which tells reminds me of another Kraut saying: 'Hard shell, soft core'. In closing, any friend of Mary is a friend of mine. Best Herbert
Holidays are tough when the world has gone wrong!
Oh Ray this is very sad, I wish I could take away all this hate you have, but please don't let it consume you, try to look forward if you can. This is a very good write and it's good to get it all down on paper, come on let it all go. Love Ernestine. XXX