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5: 00 Am....
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

5: 00 Am....

Poem By Geoff Warden

Full moon
Of morn's air
Stars high
Take your share
Blank fog
Sleep unseen
Break morn'
Speak of thee
Fresh start
Dawn of day
Lend ears
As I pray
Rise sun
Sleepless night
Dance free
In this flight
Bring forth
Joyous snug
Temps rise
Wake in tug
Full moon
Of morn's air
All is fair............

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Comments (9)

beautiful poem. Dawn really makes us energetic. the real poetic beauty of nature. Thanks for 5 a.m.
Yes Geoff: Early morning is the best time to write. The mind is just coming out of sleep full of the images of dreams. Reminds me of mine “O Night”, please read. Adeline
I so love this New poem of yours geoff! It danced off my tongue as I read it aloud...and it filled me the reader with feelings of peace...as a silence rang so loudly in my ears? ! ((Hmmm)) hope you get my meaning here. Anyway, it is another piece of art that deserves a Ten! ! ! Please keep writing as I know you have much to say my friend, =Shelley=
Absolutely delightful! ! ! ! ! ~~~marci.xo.~~~
What a lovely peaceful write Geoff. Tranquil thoughts for the start of the day, well done, love Lynda xxx
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