Poem By Eromosele Bobby

If ninety five
percent 'f the
hundred things
i enact is classified
as a motify
no need my lady for
thou to be petrify
of thy love for me
nay tis a wonderful
this game we play
shall be 'f ex
paramour our
all ex-incubent
making retrospect
bereft psyche
pacific semetry
dream has always
been burton
so love and beuty
an intrasigent
life affairs slosh like
even life incestous
are mostly abysmal
with peers things
metamophors to
acts 'f derisory
nay any other
verbage that
cudgels the above
is pejury
un-ethical things
are my life's portal
the worst a human
can embark is
carried out as
ninety five percent
'f all thats i done is
but my love you are
5% 'f my life
the only thing i ever
did that's nt a gaffe
my amiss you sing a
thou art a piano
sound thats sings
at the hit 'f a gong
only two beign that
earth hoards
tis me and my five
our presence
porges a scene
thats incandescent
albeit our berth lies
open in the sward
yet never love let
we be awkward
my five percent
lets sail the globe
to a place we do
tarry forever
we do live a velvet
life, nay whether
affluent or
and our love we will
never rent

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