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.5. A Colourful Day
DT (6.12.51 / England)

.5. A Colourful Day

Poem By David Threadgold

My pinstripe suit sits waiting
Freshly cleaned and neatly pressed
For a most important meeting
Where I need to look my best

I rise before the clock can ring
To wake me from my sleep
My brain was working through the night
And rest does not come cheap

A wash & shave a brush of teeth
Cool waters cleared my head
I fumbled for my best shampoo
But got blue bleach instead

As normal I used plenty
It didn’t lather well
I put another handful on
And then I got the smell

My hair was turning orange
A face all blue but duller
I didn’t make my meeting
Being a little bit off colour

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

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Comments (20)

A very funny tale written with skill which makes the reader sorry for the poor soul but makes my day colourful, thankks for the read regards
Enjoyed the humor in this very much! ! It made me chuckle.... You managed to capture the scenerio very well..... Very good write..... Bonnie
Interesting poem....you express well David
hahahha i hope this isn't true! ? ? ! What did you accidentaly use your wifes hair dye or something? Man ouch...but funny and interesting poem. I enjoy your work 10/10
A very humerous piece of work David, I loved it. Well done. Best wishes, Andrew