.5. A Colourful Day

My pinstripe suit sits waiting
Freshly cleaned and neatly pressed
For a most important meeting
Where I need to look my best

by David Threadgold Click to read full poem

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A very funny tale written with skill which makes the reader sorry for the poor soul but makes my day colourful, thankks for the read regards
Enjoyed the humor in this very much! ! It made me chuckle.... You managed to capture the scenerio very well..... Very good write..... Bonnie
Interesting poem....you express well David
hahahha i hope this isn't true! ? ? ! What did you accidentaly use your wifes hair dye or something? Man ouch...but funny and interesting poem. I enjoy your work 10/10
A very humerous piece of work David, I loved it. Well done. Best wishes, Andrew
.At least you would be sanitized and noted in the crowd you would not need to raise your voice, as your hair was rather loud You could say it is the fashion! and that you'll set the trend a spiked hair do would not go amiss, just a thought! my friend great Poem David made me laugh, regards Bob
ha ha lol! ! got the picture! !
Oh no - that was hilarious :) - I needed cheering up & chose that one but that was the last thing I expected to read - brilliant mate! btw - thanx for your comment - it's all good - Romeo always returns to the one who loves him the most :)
tickled me as I read the poem..a great one.... Ency Bearis
Like it! ! It make me smile while reading it... nice! !
Very very funny but what an excuse! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
a very funny poem. it shows the daily hurry of life. well done.
That is soooooo funny! It's easy to grab the wrong thing first thing in the morning! You really did a great job of keeping the rhyme and beat too. I love your whimsical little poems! (10) Of course I love the more serious ones too!
LOL...Ohhhh...my oh my! ! ! Funny...I thought you were looking a little bit blue lately! : -) Hugs, Dee
pleasant and cheerful Ogden Nash would be envious, the rhymes are balanced and colorful,
That is really good. Very fun poem!
one of my comment is: no comment haha! , this is funny dude
Thanks for the chuckle. Great fun poem...
Very funny.Liked it.A 10!
I love this, made me laugh my socks off, my partner used my deep heat spray instead of his old spice deodorant (same red colour tin lol) 10 Lynda xx