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5 After Midnight (A Halloween Pun)
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

5 After Midnight (A Halloween Pun)

Poem By Aram Stefanian

Five after midnight,
A loud knock on the door.
A weird moonlight
Flickers on your bedroom floor.
Hearing stray dogs start a fight,
You get out of bed
And see inhuman footprints,
Oversizsed and red.
A grim animal eye glints
You hear voices in your head,
''Don't be scared of me.
I am your inner anger.''
Half blind, yet can see
The beast dying of hunger.
From this place you have to flee,
It's after your heart.
If it swallows it, it's free
To make a fresh start,
And will have you up a tree.
With me you can't fall apart.

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