Longing For A Kiss

As I lay here resting and thinking
of being with you my beautiful lady
my heart has begun throbbing with
the greatest ever of longing to
just look into your eyes and
pull you in for the deepest longest kiss.
Looking in your gorgeous eyes the entire time,
a deep passionate kiss that moves
the entire soul and earth.
A passionate kiss to last the ages
and that only poets can ever dream of.

I so long to look you deeply in you precious eyes,
give a warm loving smile and say I love you darling
you are so beautiful in every way,
you are my Angel and the light of my life,
I love you darling and let me show you how.
Then give you deepest, longest, most passionate kiss.
I so deeply long for this.

by Michael P. McParland

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yet again... the sweetness of it... dammit man! you're melting my freakin heart! ! ! jokez lol! ! honestly tho, its good...