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5 'Religious' Limericks.... [some 2006 Thoughts Of An Agnostic Humanitarian (Me) ]
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

5 'Religious' Limericks.... [some 2006 Thoughts Of An Agnostic Humanitarian (Me) ]


Who, In Their Right Minds, Would Waste So Much Time?

God may have made the Earth “way-back-when”;
there may be no real end.....to God’s ken.
But I would be wary
to call the dictionary....
an act of God instead of “crazy” men.

(February 2006)


Life After Death For Apes?

Orangutan died in its zoo cell.
I wonder, “Do big apes go to Hell?
Do they Heaven reach?
Or do some go to each, ....
or (I believe) just to dust from gel? ”

(February 13,2006)


Therefore I Became And Still Am An Agnostic

Four decades past, I still went to church.
Then maturing thoughts left me in a lurch.
Zion Church would not bend,
and Hell I could not defend.
AND....I’d no faith in a prayer search.

(February 18,2006)


The Easy Way Is Not Always The Best Way

Cartoon portrayed a rebellious salmon.....
passing those who upstream were jammin’.
His sign said “Go With The Flow”,
but, as most of you know,
“flow” can corrupt though you reach mammon.

(February 22,2006)

It’s Not Much But It Makes Me Feel Better

Come tomorrow I may spend a grand,
sitting, writing checks, I’ll make my stand ….
against AIDS and poverty,
and inequality,
and loss of Nature. I lend a hand.

(February 25,2006)

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IYour right on most of what u said yet it seem words usage comes easy for u. :-
I have tried to epky to u but it wont go. So here am I saying 1
Their all nice. As always great write
These are limericks perfect in their technical structure and tone..... but much more than that! All of them contain solid substance for thought..... though as a believer I differ on his points! The last one is a reflection of the humanitarian mind in Bri, despite the seeming 'flaws' he projects on himself
.besides my belief in dinosaurs and 'evolution' not agreeing with my church's teachings, i also could not (did not wish to) believe in a God who (though 'loving' etc.) would cause/allow so much pain and destruction among humankind........................... My sentiments, almost. I think if you study the Old Testament you may find that Yahweh (God) was far from being a loving, caring God. Again I enjoyed the humour. Limerick five is most commendable.
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