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I look in my mirror who do I see?
Some times a stranger staring back at me
I see the wrinkles forming as if right before my eyes
I say I feel like a teenager but my pains know that it’s lies
I am rushing up to 50 not long left now to go
It is just another birthday for this old so and so
Is 50 old? I am now not so sure
If I could be young again would I take the cure?
I must admit I like my age I find it quiet fun
To look down on the teenagers and call them all son

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To whom it may concern, I was interested to know if the person who wrote this poem is the son of Oodgeroo Noonuccal aka Kathleen Walker. If so to verify this, what is your eldest sons name? Please email me @ liz_5893@hotmail.com thanking you greatly. Elizabeth Walker. btw, i really enjoyed the poem 10/10
What about daughter? :) Great work! 10 for me!
... truly enjoyed '50'. You make a statement so clear that even I can relate, and that's coming from a guy who once embraced the 'hope I die before I get old' philosophy... should tell that to 'The Zimmers'. Anyway, wonderfully done! ! !