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The Spirit Of Brotherhood

Why, why, why, should l be happy&content while my brother is miserable and degraded?
Do l have to feel healthy when ny brother is deformed?
We are one blood, one love, one team, one humanity,
we sink or rise together,
united we stand together, divided we fall..

Through the darkness when it prevails, a real brother help you to
get through, making you feel good in moments of darkness when the blanket of uncertanity and fate chokes and suffocates you, they will pull you out giving you a shoulder to lean on as a solace

rich, poor, strong, weak we are one family, one heart, one blood
thats the spirit of brotherhood
my brother ANDREW, a friend who knows the song in your heart and he will sing it back to you to reminise it when you would have forgot the lyrics,

A TRUE brother gives you a hand when you want to climb the ladder to succeed in your dreams and hopes, the golden rule of the day to the brotherhood is LOVE, DONT HATE, stay your eyes focused on the game because, thats the spirit of the brother hood zone....

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