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50 People - 1

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


Inadequately yours
He dreams of influence
He is only mildly embarrassed of the times he got caught staring at a woman's butt
She turned around suddenly and caught him before he could avert his eyes

Intimately not intimate
He rages in brief destructive incidents like a wildfire predicted and easily put out
Bright angles, sharp definition
To foul the great indoors with a violent sweetness that could claim more than a tooth or two

He's met a lot of people but doesn't really know anyone
All he can recall is what events framed a meeting
What shared experiences constitute something more

These people are more real in what they leave behind than what he touches, sees, covers himself with reluctantly during a day spent in labours
And those labours are dumb, flailing behemoths
One can never tell who is going to show up to ride these monsters, crack the whip, and say "Hey dude, remember the time we...."

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