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50 People - 16
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50 People - 16

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


Calm your fears
The book of disasters you checked out from the library does not include a chapter on you
Chapters on fires, flood, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados but here we are in as safe a place as you can imagine

You've gone from an interest in dinosaurs to automobiles to natural disasters
And the imagination of an eight year old feeds this with library books
The book of disasters makes for sensationalistic reading
Produces nightmares, you sleepwalked last night and when your parents tried to stop you, you yelled FIRE!

I know this will pass and leave us with more rational fears (social anxiety, the kids who pick on us)
And how the other kids didn't like you, that is just the earthy karma we take for granted
We ignore it once it has happened and we have moved on to the next year of living

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