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50 People - 17
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50 People - 17

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


It was expected that he would show compassion and maybe love towards the unwed mother
But he didn't show compassion and certainly not love to the unwed mother
He did not strike down nor insult the unwed mother
He just wasn't interested at all in her baggage

That was a connection that had occurred when he wasn't paying attention, it had snuck around normal prejudices, normal defenses
Now he was stuck with a kid who threw tantrums and clung to the mother
Now he was stuck with a kid along for the ride and he didn't like children

It was expected that he would extend a consideration equal to as if he was the biological father
But he didn't extend the consideration of the biological father
Instead, he whined even more than the unwed mother's child
And tried to have him first sent to boarding school then when that failed he pushed him off on the biological father and when that failed….
He went on and led them into failure as a family

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