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50 People - 19
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50 People - 19

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


They defined themselves by the objects in their home
The home itself marked one of the most important points in their life
They only made sense to themselves when they looked at their "things"
They themselves had no meaning and carried nothing resembling a personality

As the ghostly caretakers of a world of shiny objects, they are only visible when superimposed against a background
Don't mistake them for being elemental, treat them as a trick of the eye
Treat them as an illusion just like the belongings that that have been allowed to define people

You have no idea what it takes to hold a mortgage or make payments on two cars at the same time
But that's not important right now. That's not a story anybody wants to hear unless it is dressed up in a way that makes it exciting and so no longer resembles itself

These are the domestic servants whose masters are what they purchase
But by their purchases, they seek to raise their status
They operate under the delusion they are the masters
As I take a guided tour of how they spent their money, I can hear their chains rattling

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