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50 People - 20

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


Rude, belligerent middle- aged Chinese lady
Working in a shoe store
Your skills in assisting customers were non-existent
And you act as if it's a favor that we are buying a pair of shoes

And you clearly haven't washed your hair in a few days
And I'll just add you to the list of Chinese people I dislike

And a decision has been made to give full vent to one of my prejudices
And I don't like Chinese people
And I don't like Jewish people
And I don't like what I've seen of their selfishessness, craze for money
Craze to be at the center of attention
They themselves are quite prejudiced and only help others from their race and culture
This list of generalizations goes on

Although I can have and do have Chinese and Jewish friends
A Jewish friend loaned me money to get started in Southern California
I once loved a Chinese woman

Stereotyping is not the greatest crime
How society built revulsion to stereotyping up as a safeguard to any acts of mass violence
That's not a bad thing
None of the hijackers on 09/11 wore beards

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