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50 People - 22
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50 People - 22

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


I never formally met Tim Coglin, he just sort of appeared
He had taken this class before, they appointed him the teacher's assistant
And he sort of left a crater - what a loud explosion there was!
Tim Coglin spoke too loud, he couldn't grasp the volume of his own voice
Tim Coglin shouted out things he should have kept to himself, he didn't have much control there either
He was big and lumpy with blond hair on his knuckles, his pants were always falling down
Exposing his ass like a refrigerator repairman or a plumber
"Hey man" (which came out sounding like "hey myan") Tim Coglin said to everyone he met
He could play a few chords on the guitar but usually flubbed the vocals
One time performing at a church social, he forgot the lyrics of the song and let fly with a expletive in front of everyone
Tim Coglin continued a conversation with another friend of mine into the men's restroom
Continued while they were using the urinals
And continued as forgetting everything Tim Coglin addressed my friend further with his zipper still undone and everything exposed
Tim Coglin got a job as a department store Santa, However, there was an issue (better not to ask about) where he lost his temper with a child and he was fired
Tim Coglin and I went to the movies to see "The Last Temptation of Christ", there were protesters outside and he engaged them in innocent debate
Tim Coglin followed current events and read voraciously but could never find a girl who would even give him the time of day
Tim Coglin one day confided to me that he had "an emotional disorder" but I never found out what that meant, he had a younger brother who couldn't even dress himself
I was afraid of people thinking I was friends with Tim Coglin
Moving beyond this would have meant putting aside a young man's irrational fear of a transfer factor
I realized that years later Tim Coglin was the great spirit of inappropriateness
I high-fived the mind retarded
I'm now trying to apply a broader reading of freedom

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