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50 People - 24
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50 People - 24

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


He was the man who didn't like movies
It was drudgery to sit through them as his imagination had already been granted release from mind jail
It lacked credibility that there were no loose ends when the credits rolled

He was the man who thought movies weren't necessary
His own vision of life was exciting and unpredictable to boot
How the man in the desk next to him was planning to screw him over
And this enforced co-worker relationship like two scorpions in a bottle
How the woman in your life offers you a face you had never seen before
A seductive and smiling stranger or a homicidal, demon-faced stranger

Maybe he finally took on the role of a projectionist
Much more interested in executing a task
Than the needless drama which accompanies this

I also don't need distractions from real life
Our hands shake when we are angry or sad or otherwise disturbed
This unreal type of external stimuli produces no response

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