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50 People - 3


She feels as if something has been robbed from her
What had been taken was appraised at great value
And who set this value?
Elderly men empty of life finding what little pleasure is left in life from controlling others

She grimaces at the recollection of being let down in the historical continuum of persuasion, the big mating con
Man takes then man leaves
Now she talks to other men without coyness in an assertive, rough way

There is nothing to hide
There's a public sharing and a secret sharing and they no longer are distinctly separate
She will bend the ear of the first male that cuts through her shadow
And paralyze him with intimate details he didn't want to hear

By way of introduction, she might drop an outdated sense of what is ladylike
She might spend the night in a different apartment
Afterwards, laugh with a deep sense of disgust, the sound that comes out is like the croaking of a disillusioned frog

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