50 People - 30


Calm down, Julian!
No one's trying to take your money
No one's trying to distract from your crux
You feel owed this crux, this matter was your matter and you hounded it relentlessly

Calm down, Julian!
No one's trying to take your soul
No one's trying to freeload on your exaltation
You claim this exaltation with a bloodthirsty self-satisfaction

You are firmly convinced this is your moment
And are prepared to shoehorn it that way even if this isn't your moment

Like a fountain, you stand in a public space with spigots on
When the glory shoots upward bathing everyone whether they like it or not
A lot will ignore it, some will toss polite attentions and their wishes will be for the fountain to be turned off

Because you don't have to go to another country to find people who don't care about your problems and your successes
The next block will do just fine

by Raj Dronamraju

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