50 People - 35


Crying octopus lady
Draws back her tendrils and her suckers
After the death of a loved one, trying to draw back her eight children
Her eight children strewn to the far flung corners of America

Crying octopus lady
Gets the most out of an illness
That saw her admitted for a two day hospital stay
The three daughters who came to take care of her were obliged to make her meals, change her adult diapers, listen to the accompanying excessive nagging

Crying octopus lady
You serve guilt in generous portions during Thanksgiving dinner
You put on a show of tears and recriminations for all those present
Your eight children and their spouses, lovers, as well as their own children

Eight children of the crying octopus lady
Her husband, their father, deceased several years ago
He'd tune her out and pretend to be senile
He passed away without extravagance after enduring a great squeeze for 52 years

by Raj Dronamraju

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