50 People - 37


Mr. Gift Giver, I'm a married woman
Of course, the response is that's okay or something like that
Of course he didn't mind
She flashes her wedding ring to drive home the point

Now you are asking for a second time and I'm telling you for a second time
I cannot meet you for a drink after work
I could never do that nor would I want to do that to my husband
Not to mention my children

The hotels near my office are icky places
The front desk has closed circuit TV
The carpet in the lobby has seen better days
So let's go to my place, my roommates are out of town

Mr. Sideburns, you're not listening
I'm not going down that road
If I ever was to do that, it would be out of revenge
Sex as a tool, as a weapon
So try back later, check in with me every few months

by Raj Dronamraju

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