50 People - 38


Jean's pretty holocaust was in told in pictures
Jean's selfish ways related by others who eavesdropped on her life
An accent from upstate New York sounds harsher even when talking about non-harsh subjects
The amount of make-up on already pale skin makes the wearer even more supernatural
Slanting eyebrows, deep, furrowed, frame a wolf-like face

So Jean told the story of her recent wedding and how most of the gits from the guests were cash and how she wanted to keep it for herself
"We are not a rich family" her mother said and took the money to pay for the wedding

I do believe there is a werewolf in the cubicle across from me
I can hear it roaring hoarsely
Its howls are of havoc
Such as there is - an obvious power, she was given the silent treatment from then on

by Raj Dronamraju

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